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Characteristics of material used in Waterproof Control Box
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Characteristics of material used in Waterproof Control Box

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The waterproof control box has the advantages of waterproof. Besides being waterproof, the waterproof control also has the advantages of dust-proof, acid-proof and alkali-resistant, beautiful appearance, stable quality, complete insulation and non-conductive, anti-impact, non-deformation, and so on.

Waterproof control box is widely used in outdoor wharf, port, field distribution engineering, communication, mechanical equipment, chemical, petroleum and other adverse environment.

The reason why waterproof control box can play a protective role depends on the material used in the box body.

The waterproof control box material is made of composite material as the shell material. This material is made of unsaturated polyester resin as binder, adding glass fiber, fillers, pigments and other additives compound material box



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