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PS-66AC Handle USB Endoscope Camera
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PS-66AC Handle USB Endoscope Camera

IP67 Waterproof
5.5mm diameter camera
  • PS-66AC
  • IP67


PS-66AC Handle USB Endoscope Camera

PS-66AC supports OTG functionality, Android endoscope,it is a new type of electronic products.

The main advantage:small in sizelight weight and easy contorl,The diameter is 5.5mm,high resolution imaging.Waterproof and a simple magnifier.There is a control box which can be used to adjust brightness and snapshot photos.All the pictures will be saved in your computer or Android phone, and you can view or record the whole process of any material you desire to check. It's really convenient for your inspection and analysis.

New-popular-mobile-phone-mini-5-5mm (4) Quality-5-5mm-mini-Android-driver-usb (3)


Android-OTG-5-5mm-IP67-6-led (2)


1. Industrial endoscopes are mainly used to detect objects in machinery, automobiles, pipelines, and narrow areas that the human eye cannot see.
2. Android mobile industry endoscope must support OTG by mobile phone, and also compatible with UVC.
3.Android mobile phone industry endoscope can also be connected to the computer. Support XP, WIN7, WIN8, Vista system
4. Industrial endoscopes are close-focus products, too close very fuzzy, too far will be very fuzzy, the best focal length is: 3-8 cm



Interface: (Android OTG endoscope)
Operating System: Windows XP and lower versions of the system do not need to install software (plug and play), VISTA and Windows 7 need to install software (with CD disk)
Photo: 24 point RGB color (1/12 "VGA CMOS lens")
Resolution: 640 x 480    Frame rate: 30fps
Lens lights: 6 bright LED lights.         Product length: 600 mm
Hose length: 450 mm               Outer diameter of lens: 5.5 mm
External diameter of shaped hose: 4.8 mm
Waterproof grade: IP67                      USB line length: 1 meters
Angle of view: 60 degrees                      Focal length: 3cm-8cm


Standard packing list

1. The wire cam unit  x1

2. Color box  x1

3. Users manual  x1

4. CD  x1

5. Micro USB x1


Android-OTG-5-5mm-IP67-6-led (4)


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