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Solar cell module junction box
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Solar cell module junction box

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The solar cell module junction box is the connector between the solar array and the solar charging control device which is composed of the solar cell module. It is a comprehensive cross-domain design which combines the electrical design, mechanical design and material science. The connection box of solar cell module is very important in the composition of solar module. The main function is to connect the power generated by solar cell to the external circuit. The junction box is bonded to the back plate of the assembly through silica gel, the outlet line in the assembly is connected together through the internal line in the junction box, and the internal line and the external cable are connected together to make the assembly and the external cable conductive. There are two in the junction box The pole tube ensures that the assembly works properly when the light is blocked.

Main characteristics

1.The shell is made of imported high grade raw materials. It has very high anti-aging ability and ultraviolet ray ability of milk

2.It is suitable for outdoor production under harsh environment conditions, the use time of more than 30 years

3.2-6 terminals can be built in according to need

4.All connections are connected in a fast-access plug-in mode



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