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WIFI Intraoral Camera PS-613
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WIFI Intraoral Camera PS-613

Battery capacity: 1000mA/h
Working time:180mins
Charging time: 2 hours
Focus range:10mm--50mm
  • PS613 WIFI Intraoral Camera
  • IP68



Main Function:Real-time watching, oral examination, Two-way take photo and video simultaneously

Pixels:5 Million

Waterproof: IP8

Light Resource:6pcs white LED light(5600K)

Dimming: Five brightness adjustment

Focus Range:10mm--50mm 

Photography Angel:105°


Materials:Imported medical resin

Technical Data


Available distance:≤30m


Battery Capacity:1000mA/h

Working time:180mins

Charging time: 2 hours 

System: IOS and Android

Output: Smart phone& tablet PC

Focus adjustment: Unavailable

Camera lens diameter:0.5mm

Accessories: 1X camera, 1x USB cable, 1x User manual

Product size:235*25*25mm


Net Weight

Gross Weight 0.24kg
Product size 235*25*25mm
Gift box Size 250*70*44mm
CTN size (73pcs) 56*35*34cm
Total Weight(73pcs) 19kg


Wifi Intraoral Camera PS-613

①LED light  ②Camera  ③photo/video Indicator   ④Brightness indicator  ⑤On/Off indicator  ⑥Photo/Video ⑦Brightness key  ⑧On/Off  ⑨Power indicator  ⑩USB port



Light resource:6pcs white LED light (5600K)

Dimming:Five brightness adjustment

Focus range:10mm--50mm

Photography Angle:105°                                                          


End-User:1 users at the same time

Distance: ≥30m(open space)


Battery capacity: 1000mA/h 

Working time:180mins

Charging time: 2 hours


Please scan QR code and install the app into your smart device first

1.Press ON/Off button 3 seconds to act the device, then the power and photo indicator will   keep on.

2. Open the WIFI Setting in your smart phone or Tablet PC and connect to WIFI Called JVE ,password is 12345678. You will see the image as following image as photo-3 in the APP after connected WIFI successfully. 

ISO Android picture
ISO Android photo-3

Photo-3 Details:①Light up ②Light down ③Folder ④Setting ⑤Battery ⑥Flip ⑦Front camera ⑧Video ⑨Photo

3.LED+/- Button can adjust the brightness of the light.

4.Press the brightness key to adjust brightness of the led light

5.Photo/Video Button : Press it shortly into photo mode, the blue light will flash 1 time. Press it longer into video mode, the indicator will keep flash, then press it again. The photo or video will be saved automatically.


Low Battery: Red light will keep flashing;

Charging: Red light keep on;

Full charged: Indicator light Off, but the on/off indicator will keep on;Charge 1 more hour after full-charged.

Working : Green light On;     

Connect with Smart phone or PC: Green light keep flashing;

Photo: Indicator will flash 1 time  

Recording: Indicator keep flashing



Faults and Solutions

1.No image on APP,  Solution: Please check if the WIFI connected correctly or not, and make sure if there only has 1 end-users connected at the same time. If yes, please restart the device. Please delete the WIFI Key APP before using the APP.

2.Stuck image or snow image, solution: Please check if the battery is full charged or not , if yes, Please restart the device.

3.Please scan the QR code with browser if you can not download APP through wechat.



1Two-way take photo and video simultaneously.

2.720P HD 

3.Transfer image by WIFI

4.Real-time watching, oral examination


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