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Our Culture
◆Our vision: To provide satisfactory electrical products and after-sales service to customers around the world, and strive for national economic development
We want to be the world's best supplier of electrical products and a reliable and honest partner as an innovator and leader in waterproofing international.
◆Our mission: To make safe, quality-assured electrical products available to people all over the world.
Core Value
◆Our creed: To gather together with the foreign trade elite to create a better tomorrow
"Efficient, innovative, service, team, and win-win" comprehensive innovation, truth-seeking and pragmatic, people-oriented, and create value. 
◆ Our discipline: first obey, then command
◆ Our efficiency: short-term, efficient, maximum action
Business Philosophy
◆ Our efficiency: short-term, efficient, maximum action
◆ Our service philosophy is -
What can we do for our customers until they are satisfied!
What else can we do for our customers until we are moved!
The needs of our customers are our all-out business!
Business Environment
The neat ground is also the soul of everyone. Although it is often trampled and degraded, it uses a calm and broad heart to accommodate everyone, and with all the heart to bear all the responsibilities, to innovate every day for everyone, the ground clean belt The beautiful mood that comes, belongs to you, belongs to me, belongs to him, belongs to us all!
The desktop information is neatly placed, comfortable work, and open up the thoughts, so that people can concentrate on their work, clear their work focus, and maintain a clean and clear working state all the time. Bringing the collective is a happy heart.
Behavioral Culture
◆Our capital: talents and teams (a group of people who work together to win, focus on team goals and overall benefits, pursue dedication and support, and emphasize high-performance teams with working methods and procedures).
◆Employee incentive mechanism:
Encourage and reward employees for innovation, good performance, motivation and learning, the courage to take risks and responsibilities, and comply with the law.
◆ We emphasize outstanding achievements:
Responsible for work results, meet customer requirements; focus on work efficiency and overall quality.
Corporate maxim
1.the way of thinking determines the way out, the product is the character;
2.enterprise management used to be communication, now communication, and communication in the future;
3.it is important to formulate the right strategy, but more importantly, the implementation of the strategy;
4.Respecting the boss is a kind of vocation. Respecting a colleague is a part of it. Respecting the subordinate is a virtue. Respecting everyone is a kind of accomplishment.
5.Responsible for the work results, meet customer requirements; pay attention to work efficiency and comprehensive quality.


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