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Shenzhen Posher Electric Co., Ltd.

Bsumwell,your One-Stop Waterproofing and distribution solutions provider
Shenzhen Posher Electric Co.,LTD  is an international, professional and reliable Outdoor waterproofing electrical and power distribution solutions provider with our own production base and also long-term stable partnered production plants in Southern China since 2006, which focus on exporting Outdoor waterproofing electrical products to mainly European and North American market.
Our main products are waterproof distribution box,junction box,waterproof switch&socket,Waterproof industrial plug and socket,wat
erproof camera,smart plug,waterproof doorbell camera ,waterproof accessory for make a waterproof electric panel and so on
It is widely used in many industries, such as steel, lighting stage, chemical, electric power.port, airport, industrial and mining, oil exploration, food, subway, aluminum plant and automobile manufacturing
Welcome to cooperate with us!
OEM&ODM Service

There are two options about OEM service:
>LOGO and Packages acceptable.
>Customer offers design to us.
>We design the packages based on customer's requirement and targeted market. A research will be do in advance, in order to design localized products.
There are three options about ODM service:
>Customer offers design to us,we produce it.
>We design the products based on customer's requirement and targeted market. A research will be do in advance, in order to design localized products.Finish design,support samples,sample is satisfied, then produce.
>Customer give samples,we open mold and produce it.

Our Sales Team
First, the goal is clear. The first characteristic of a high-performance team is having a clear goal and always knowing what the team is doing.
Second, responsibility. Another key element is to develop a sense of responsibility among team members that committed goals must be met. If you want to maximize your team's potential, improve your members' awareness of and support for this.
Third, discipline. Different people have different interpretations of the word.
Fourth,Point-to-point, full-quality, caring, the service concept, For you to achieve the greatest value products.
Customer Evaluation
C: Thank you very much Tess, you are fast
 and effective!

A Client from Spain wants to customized a waterproof control box, including switching power supply, signal lamp, pushbutton, cable glands and other accessories. Our salesman gave the plan and worked out the price in half an hour.

C:Excellent quality! Great prodavtsov! I recommend!
A Client from Russia,before he bought the waterproof doorbell camera from other company,but have quality problem and the company no any after sell service.When he find us,he said:Excellent quality! Great prodavtsov! I recommend!

Quality Policy

1.Quality is our Culture.
2.Raw material 100% check before produce,Products 100% Test before packing.​3.The warehouse will also carry out spot checks before delivery.
4.Always be customer-centered with an aim to provide high quality services
5.Pursue state-of-the-art technologies to continuously strengthen our core competitiveness
6.Implement total quality management to develop first class products
7.Strive to become one of the world’s top industrial control equipment providers

EX-Staff Club
Four important things in life except Work: Happy,Study, Family, Health
Happy time is always transitory, because it will worth lasting memory.Bsumwell attaches great importance to each year's holiday travel plans.
Study,The company organizes various kinds of learning, topics are: how to live, work skills, family education and so on.
Family,The company organizes family visits, group weddings, group tours, etc.
Health,BSUMWELL pays special attention to the physical condition of employees, organizes morning jogging activities and provides employees with supplements and fruits from time to time.
Your one-stop customized reliable Outdoor waterproofing and distribution solutions provider ​center!
Super powerful and advanced production CAPABILITY
  • 3 Production bases,5,000sqm monthly capacity, best cost-optimization.
  • High level Automation and dedicated automotive production line, excellent and stable quality system.
  • More oversea buyers’ choice with focus in Europe and North America.
One-top reliable Outdoor waterproofing and distribution supply & Solutions
  • Waterproof Endoscope
  • Waterproof junction box 
  • Waterproof distribution box
  • Waterproof switch & socket
  • Waterproof  industrial plug and socket
  • Waterproof electrical accessory
Customer-Care conception and first-class SERVICE
  • Reliable Quality Assurance policy and quick response in 30min of solution.
  • NO MOQ, Flexible Payment term &method support.
  • Regular and high frequency business visit to customer worldwide.
  • Value-Added service of technical support and sourcing service, etc
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Affordable price: As a manufacturer, we give you factory price.

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B807,Gaosheng Building, 18th,Zhongxin Road,Wanfeng,Xinqiao Street,Bao'an District,Shenzhen China

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