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Shenzhen Posher Electric Co., Ltd.

Add : B807,Gaosheng Building, Zhongxin Road,Wanfeng,Xinqiao Street,Bao'an District,Shenzhen China
Tel : +86-755-23576797
E-mail : sales@bsumwell.com


  • [About BSUMWELL] 2019 Happy new years
    Dear Employees and Customers:Happy New Year! Our company started normal operation on February 14, 2019 (the first tenth of the first month), and all the work was carried out as usual. At the beginning of the new year, Vientiane is renewed, and another spring of vitality comes to us.Thanks to all the
  • [About BSUMWELL] Mission & Vission
    To make all the world using electric products with quality assurances & safely. We hope to be a reliable and honest partner of the world's best electronics manufacturers, and as an innovator and leader of Waterproof Appliances International, we can provide customers with all electronic solutions and long-term partners. Look forward to working with you.
  • [About BSUMWELL] Why Choose Bsumwell
    Your one-stop customized reliable Outdoor waterproofing and distribution solutions provider center! Super powerful and advanced production CAPABILITY 3 Production bases,50,000sqm monthly capacity, best cost-optimization. High level Automation and dedicated automotive production line, excellent and stable quality system. More oversea buyers’ choice with focus in Europe and North America.
  • [About BSUMWELL] Bsumwell Travel
    Happy time is always transitory, because it will worth lasting memory... Bsumwell also attaches great importance to each year's holiday travel plans, 2018.11.3, we organize the location of the one-day tour of Phoenix Mountain tourist attractions . In addition, the company also pays special attention to the physical condition of employees, organizes morning jogging activities and provides employees with supplements and fruits from time to time.
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Address: B807,Gaosheng Building, Zhongxin Road,Wanfeng,Xinqiao Street,Bao'an District,Shenzhen China
Moblie:  +86 13316502799
E-mail:  sales@bsumwell.com  

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