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Company Profile
Shenzhen Posher Electric Co.,LTD is an international, professional and reliable IOT Solution,Electric Waterproof Solution and Motor Protect Solution provider with our own production base and also long-term stable partnered production plants in Southern China since 2006.Most of our products are got CE,ROHS,CCC,SAA certificate.
Support OEM,ODM,Samples testing... 
Mission & Vission
Quality is our Culture
To make all the world using electric products with quality assurances & safely.
We hope to be a reliable and honest partner of the world's best electronics manufacturers, and as an innovator and leader of Waterproof Appliances International, we can provide customers with all electronic solutions and long-term......
Culture values
Providing excellent products and services for the customers in compliance with laws and business practices; being honest to all shareholders, employees and the Company.
Employee encouragement:
Encouragement and reward should be given to employees for their innovation, good performance, motivation and study in business,


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Wireless Google Home Hvac Thermostat
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We Can Supply It For You
High quality raw materials,a well-developed quality assurance system,and a professional R&D tean are the guarantee of assure produce. 
Benefit from advanced faclilities and modern management system,BSUMWELL is able to supply OEM /ODM products in 15-25days.
We respond to our customers within 24hours.The sales representatives will help you select right products based on your targeted market and requirement.
Are you want to start up waterproof business,but have no idea about products and shipment?BSUMWELL help you selects product,design package,arrange shipment.
  • Waterproof junction box
  • Waterproof plastic distribution box
  • Waterproof socket and switch
  • Smart video doorbell camera

Product's Technology

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May 07, 2019
what is motor soft starter working principle?
motor soft starter working principle
January 22, 2019
What is a waterproof junction box?
The next thing I want to introduce to you is the waterproof junction box, one of the main products of our company.Waterproof junction box (professional name: electrical seal box English name: Electric Enclosures), mainly divided into special and general products.Product implementation Standard: inte
January 22, 2019
Material of waterproof junction box
At present, the main raw materials for the production of standard waterproof junction box in the world are: ABS engineering plastics, polycarbonate (PC), PC/ABS, glass fiber reinforced polyester, stainless steel. Depending on the site environment, the user can choose the materials that meet the requ
January 22, 2019
Junction box classification
Electrical equipment junction boxTerminal junction boxExplosion-proof junction boxExplosion-proof junction box model: BHD51-Explosion-proof junction box applicable range: 1.1 area, 2 zone explosive gas environment2.20, 21, 22 combustible dust environmentExplosion-proof junction box product features:
November 30, 2018
Why waterproof is important for you?
When used properly, electrical tape should act as an insulator - that is to say, it should protect against transfer of any electrical current passing through the wires to people or components potentially coming into contact with them. As such, properly rated and applied insulating tape should NOT co
January 22, 2019
What is the difference between a waterproof junction box and an electrical sealed box?
There are various types of waterproof junction boxes, which can be used to install various DIN rail components. The high quality waterproof junction box has high impact strength, because it is injection molded with ABS or PC thermoplastic engineering plastics, and there are wall fixing holes in the
Affordable price: As a manufacturer, we give you factory price.

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