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Bsumwell Ex-staff club
This is a club to connect our excellent ex-colleague with us. Bsumwell will never forget all staff who joined us, and appreciated all your contribution to us. With this club, we are always caring you, hearing your, and sharing with you.
Bsumwell will invite you to join our annual traveling or activities every year!
Bsumwell will invite you to attend our Annual Party and set up special award with “Excellent Ex-staff Award” for you every year!
If you have ability to become self-employed, Bsumwell can give you suggestion and make investment to you.
We hope, You can realize your personal value and win a beautiful future wherever you are. We hope, You can be proud of that you were a Bsumwell staff during your life!
Morning meeting
It has been held for so many periods and it has gained a lot. Everyone has shown unique themes and characteristics. The content is rich and colorful. There are team games that make us happy and interactive. There are Chinese martial arts and small dances that make us fit and healthy. How do we learn to provide life and business skills? The method, as well as the understanding and summary of life, work...
Bsumwell Travel
Happy time is always transitory, because it will worth lasting memory...
2018.9. We organized a mountain climbing group activity, the goal is Phoenix Mountain, 9:00 on time at the bottom of the mountain, the form of activity is still based on diversity, there are group-to-collaboration, personal warfare, and small activities with love, ,
At 10 o'clock, I started to move from the bottom of the mountain. Some of my colleagues felt uncomfortable. We will arrange a stay, take a break, and then continue the mountaineering trip. So unconsciously, all arrive at the top of the mountain at 2:10 pm, standing at the highest point. There will always be a sigh: "Look at the mountains and small mountains" feeling, go down at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, as time goes by, the sky is gradually faded, the fun has not yet swam, the activity has to end..... I believe that there will be more such activities afterwards, Have a happy day.
Bsumwell Event
2019.1.19. We will hold this year's 2019 event, praising the previous content, including singing, dancing, magic, sketches, cross talks... This year is different, in order to let you highlight your other talents. There will also be a badminton competition. The winner will have a grand prize. I believe that the participants will come up with 100% effort to prepare. Every day, watching everyone’s hard work, I definitely want to give the best show to everyone. I wish you all a happy time in 2019, this year you will be able to make a good harvest in your performance.


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