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Function of cable glands connector
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Function of cable glands connector

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1. Function of cable glands connector

The main function is to make the line unobstructed, keep the cable sealed, and ensure the insulation level at the cable joint to make it run safely and reliably. If there is no seal or the seal is not good, not only will the oil leak and the oil invade the paper, but the gas will also invade the inside of the cable, causing its insulation performance to drop.


2. The specific parameters are as follows:

Waterproof rating IP67 (waterproof)

Impact resistance: IKO7/08, can withstand N/M impact

Chemical resistance: In addition to acetone and methyl ethyl ketone, it has good corrosion resistance to other chemical products.

Material: ABS+PC, nylon, stainless steel and iron spray box

Explosion-proof capability: EX Ell, EX ELL 2G, EX ELL 3D T6

Certificate: UL, CE, SAA



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