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Junction box classification
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Junction box classification

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  • Electrical equipment junction box

  • Terminal junction box

  • Explosion-proof junction box

Explosion-proof junction box model: PS-NT applicable range: 1.1 area, 2 zone explosive gas environment

2.20, 21, 22 combustible dust environment

Explosion-proof junction box product features: 

1. Cast aluminum alloy shell, surface spray, beautiful appearance, explosion-proof anticorrosion series material for glass fiber reinforced unsaturated and polyester resin molding shell. Or stainless steel welding molding

2.When you open the cover, you just loosen the bolt by 1 / 3, and then rotate the cover clockwise by 10 degrees to open it, so that the bolt is not lost and the cap is opened quickly.

3.Thread in and out of line can be characteristic

4.There are a variety of ways and specifications for the inlet and outlet

5.Steel pipe or cable wiring

6.Explosion proof junction box: GB38 36-2000.IEC60079 / GB12476. Standard 1-2000 IEC 61241.

Our main products are: waterproof junction box, cast aluminum waterproof junction box, waterproof control box, waterproof cable connector, terminal block, distribution box, junction box, button box,waterproof switch&socket,Smart socket and switch ,Waterproof industrial plug and socket,Endoscope and so on. Products are mainly used in wind power, solar energy, electric power, petrochemical, machinery, paper, food, environmental protection, refrigeration equipment, electronic communications, major engineering projects, etc.



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