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Junction box

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In the home decoration, the junction box is one of the electrical accessories, because the wire used for the decoration is through the wire tube, and the junction box is used for the transition in the connection part of the wire (for example, the line is longer, or the wire pipe should turn the angle). The wiring tube is connected to the junction box, and the wire inside the tube is connected in the junction box to protect the wire and connection wire. This is the junction box.

General domestic junction box is 86 type, the so-called 86 line box, refers to the outer diameter of the switch socket panel is 86 x 86 mm, the line box bright is 86 x 86 mm, the dark box is 75 x 75 mm, match the junction box cover (or direct distribution switch and socket panel), generally is the PVC and the white iron box material material

This paper mainly introduces the properties of waterproof junction box, waterproof control box, cast aluminum waterproof junction box, waterproof cable connector, wiring terminal and so on.



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