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what is BSUMWELL mean?
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what is BSUMWELL mean?

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BSUMWELL mean is as follow:

B is mean Shenzhen Posher Electric Co.,LTD

SUM is mean all of Posher Electric workers,suppliers,customers,friends

WELL is mean Well



To make all the world using electric products with quality assurances & safely


We hope to be a reliable and honest partner of the world's best electronics manufacturers, and as an innovator and leader of Waterproof Appliances International, we can provide customers with all electronic solutions and long-term partners. Look forward to working with you 


With Russia, Germany, Japan and USA as the centers, we are intended to provide Outdoor waterproofing and distribution  solutions  services of technical innovation, excellent quality, reasonable price and, the performance price high waterproof electrical appliance product and the service.

Through our efforts for many years, in line with the "think of customers, urgent customer urgent" business philosophy,has won the cooperation and trust of most businesses.

Encourage global professional technical team to learn about the demands of the customers and keep constant upgrading of customer value via constant innovation ability as well as work enthusiasm and become a preferred partner of the customers.

Excellent performance provides a wide space and platform for the employees to develop. Professional work environment improved constantly, tolerant work atmosphere and study-based development organization make the Company the best employer for employees.

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