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Characteristics of waterproof cable glands
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Characteristics of waterproof cable glands

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Waterproofing cable connectors are widely used in power electronic control facilities, military industry, petroleum, chemical, explosion-proof, textile, medical, aviation communications, machine tool facilities manufacturing industry, measurement and control technology, Instrumentation production and many other industries in the facilities control box, distribution panel, machinery, electrical appliances and other wires, cables.

Characteristics of waterproof cable glands:

1 fastening coil with special design, strong tensile force, no harm to motor

2 no need to disintegrate the invariant head, cable can be directly penetrated into the tight cable, save time and convenience 

3 waterproof, dustproof, salt, weak acid resistance, alcohol, oil, Grease and common solvent 

4 within specified bayonet limits and sealed with O shape Ring tight head, up to IP68 protection grade



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