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How to choose waterproof junction box?
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How to choose waterproof junction box?

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As to how to select the waterproof junction box, we can first consider from two aspects: how to select the sealing level correctly and how to choose the correct size.

Correct selection of sealing level

Buy waterproof junction box, IP protection level is a very important factor. According to IEC-60529, the first number of, IP (Ingress protection) class is the shell's ability to resist the invasion of solid particles, while the second number indicates the shell's ability to protect against water droplets. The IP level of the waterproof cast aluminum junction box is all up to IP67, which means it can be used in harsh environment. The IP level is defined solely for the shell, but the waterproof junction box also needs to meet the requirements after installation, that is, if the waterproof junction box is required To install a waterproof cable connector, its protection level needs to be higher than that of the box (mainstream waterproof cable connectors on the market are up to IP68 standards)

Choose the right size

Of course, the correct size of the waterproof junction box is based on the size of the existing components and the location to be placed. However, we also need to consider whether new components will be added in the future and, if so, whether space will be sufficient. It should also be noted that the reference dimensions provided by the waterproof junction box supplier are external or internal dimensions. It is also important to note that installable space is usually smaller than the internal dimensions provided.

Selection of material

Junction box materials are mainly engineering plastic ABS or PC, metal junction box cast aluminum material, carbon steel or stainless steel. The ABS material of engineering plastics has good anticorrosion performance, withstanding -20 degrees to 60 degrees, the ability of anti-aging is not strong, especially outside, the wind blows the rain sun is very easy to aging, the PC material anticorrosion effect is not so good as ABS, but withstands -40 degrees to 85 degrees, the anti-aging ability is also strong; The quality of cast aluminum is good in anticorrosion, heat resistance and aging resistance, but the wall thickness is very thick; stainless steel has the same properties as cast aluminum material, and the wall thickness is not so thick; although the surface of carbon steel is sprayed with plastic, it is still easy to rust



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