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Product Features of cast Aluminum Junction Box
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Product Features of cast Aluminum Junction Box

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Aluminum alloy junction box is made of aluminum alloy die casting. It has good anticorrosion property, wide temperature range, high mechanical strength and so on. According to the requirement, the box body or cover of cast aluminum junction box can be processed twice, such as opening window and punching hole, and the waterproof cable joint of metal or plastic can also be added. Can be customized according to the customer's wishes of the relevant length of the waterproof box.

The specific advantages of the product are as follows:

1. Beautiful appearance of products, in line with domestic aesthetic advantages, the integration of industry and art in one, suitable for high-grade equipment

2, the length is based on the length of domestic electrical parts, engineers use habits design, complete accessories, so that you use more smoothly.

3, high level of protection. Waterproof, dustproof (protection grade up to IP66), acid-proof, anticorrosive completely solve the use of special occasions

Application field of cast aluminum junction box

Cast aluminum junction box has good resistance to environmental impact in industry and transportation, and good waterproof. They are widely used in petrochemical, sewage treatment, iron and steel, rail transit, communications, military industry, aerospace, paper, medicine, food, steel, automotive, mechanical equipment and other industries. Can be used to install wiring terminals, switches, power supply, working and display components and electronic devices. The cast aluminum waterproof junction box is formed by aluminum alloy die casting, which has the advantages of good anticorrosion, wide temperature range and high mechanical strength.



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