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plastic waterproof distribution box
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plastic waterproof distribution box

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BSUMWELL is a corporation  that committed to enabling people around the world to use electrical safety and quality assurance. We have many series of distribution boxes.And Our distribution boxes  are waterproof, moisture-proof and dust-proof. The main body of our distribution boxes are made of ABS material. It has the characteristics of high srength and never changing color. Because of the characteries of ABS material,it has good waterproof effect.The cover is transparent.The cover is made of PC material.Through the transparent lid, we can see clearly the situation inside. 

PS-WT110906T (2) PS-WT110906T (1) PS-WT110906T (3)

Product Application and Feature

Fixed ear type plastic waterproof box adopts high quality ABS engineering plastics or polycarbonate(PC) material,suitable for electrical and electronic control equipment,shipbuilding,p=etrochemical industry ,large factories coastal factories ,terminal water treatment facilities,all kinds of natural disaster prevention equipment in harsh industrial environment.Product adopt plastic bolt design prevent loss effectively.1/4 weight of metal box ,impact resistance,corrosion resistance,long life,good insulation performance,easy processing

Execution standard :EN60529 IP 66-67

Temperaturr range: ABS:-20℃-120℃ PC:-45℃-130



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